Land(scaped) (1994)


Amanda and Barbara Schubring collaborated and self-published Land(scaped) .
Offset printed photos taken by Barbara Schubring are carefully placed into wet pigmented abaca fiber. There is no paint applied to the surface of the paper; the “painting” or illustrations are done with colored fiber. Other embedments; the fence, the tree, and barn were cut out of dry handmade paper, and collaged into the wet paper. Most of the text was printed on thin paper and attached dry but the word “Property” is hand lettered on each book. By adding the letters “e” and “h” within property on one chapter the word “earth” emerges. Hopefully a farmer would have more of a alliance with the land so there appears the icon of a barn and a plowed field with the word “partnership”. At the beginning the imagery is just of the land and then it progresses away from green and more toward cities. The end juxtaposes a photo of an Anasazi cliff dwelling integrated with the land and a photo of the city of Minneapolis just plopped onto the surface. Land(scaped) can be read in chapters or it can be viewed all at once.

Edition of 90.

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