Handmade Path

$325.00 - $475.00

Lu Jingren, world renown book designer in Beijing China teamed up with Amanda in Minneapolis to create Handmade Path. Their idea was to invite people to answer the same six questions using their handwriting because it connects the hand the mind and the heart in an intimate way . The questions included how did you begin your practice? Why do you still make paper/books? What is the difference between reading on a digital device or in a book? In what way do you understand the five senses of paper/book: vision, touch, hearing, smelling, and tasting? Share with us some moments, either breakthroughs or break downs in your work? What is your next dream project?

Fifty-seven responded with handwritten letters, images of their work, images of their hands working, and their portraits. Their letters came from Korea, Canada, Taiwan, France, Japan, Norway, but mostly the collaborators had intersected paths with artists in the United States and China. Jack Mader photographed their letters and Peng Wu helped with the early design. Handmade Path is a well-designed grouping of photos and letters from 57 artists; parts of which have been translated from Chinese to English and visa versa. Over 250 pages were offset printed by Bolger, handmade paper scans by Imageworks, and bound by Campbell Logan Bindery, all located in Minneapolis MN USA. A clamshell box is available which is covered with handmade paper including Cave Paper Kleiner Granite, Degener Black, and custom-made alphabet Dao. Covers of all books include Lu Jingren’s hand-drawn calligraphy converted into a polymer plate then letterpress printed on alphabet Dao paper. There are 150 copies available with the clamshell box and 200 with a plain wrapper making the total edition 350 copies.

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